The driving goal of the Computing Department is to make learning with computers fun and we look to provide each pupil with a breadth and depth of learning experiences tailored to their interests and abilities.

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  • Computing (ICT) image

Whether pupils are learning about how computers work, learning a new programming language or building advanced database skills, our courses always look to encourage them to be creative, adaptive and reflective when designing and implementing their solutions. The vital importance of collaboration, peer support and team work is emphasised in all areas of our courses to help support the development of transferable life skills.

In the Junior School, pupils attend one 40 minute period of ICT in Primary 7 and two 40 minute periods in S1 and S2. Here they will learn how our network works, build on their previously developed skills and use the time to actively support the variety of projects they are completing in their other subject classes. Throughout this time pupils complete a folio of work, demonstrating their learning progress and celebrating their achievements in class.

Following this solid foundation, the department offers a wide range of certificate courses in the upper school. From Standard Grade Computing in S3, through to Higher/Intermediate 2 courses in Computing and Information Systems in S5/6. With an eye to further education, the Advanced Higher in Computing is available for students with a real interest in programming.

Further details about theses courses, and the work and initiatives of the department can be found on our website at