Words are ideas - the more words a person has, the more ideas a person can have and the more ideas, the better is the ability to think, express, argue, analyse, interpret.

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The work undertaken by pupils in the English Department is intended to develop pupils’ ability in reading, writing, listening and talking. Along with this we aim to nurture powers of imagination, to increase pupils’ personal and social development through co-operative groupwork and to try to develop powers of judgement.

From S1 through to S6, due attention is paid to Scottish literature and pre-20th century texts. We also see it as important to try to ensure that pupils’ awareness of media concerns is developed – a crucial feature of our culture today. We have strong links with the local community through membership of the Scottish Community Amateur Dramatic Association and our pupils are often prominent in local productions.

It is also departmental policy to give full support to student teachers and we are fortunate in having students frequently placed with us. While a hard-working, disciplined but enjoyable ethos is our target, innovation in teaching strategies is encouraged – never more so than at this time of far-reaching change in Scottish Education.

The English Department is staffed by three full-time members of staff: Alison Downey, Jill Adams and Alan Kirk (the Principal Teacher).