The Library at QVS is a well-equipped and vibrant place of individual study for pupils, as well as a vital teaching resource for class use.

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The Library is run on weekdays from 8.30 to 17.00 hrs by our chartered librarian, Mrs Sheerin. There are areas for reading, for studying, for thinking and for using computers. We have 9000 books for loan, with an excellent range of fiction and general interest non-fiction books to suit all ages and ability levels, as well as books to help pupils in their studies. Pupils make good use of the library in their spare time, especially at breaks and lunchtimes, with over two thousand books borrowed every year. We also have a range of magazines, CDs, MP3 players and subscriptions to online resources.

Teachers from nearly all school departments book the Library for class use as we have twenty eight PCs with Internet access and educational subscriptions such as Mathletics and The Day.

Sixth year pupils have the privilege of using the Library during their study periods as well as the evenings and weekends.

In September every year, the school library plays host to the local ‘Off the Page’ book festival, when Stirling Libraries sponsor a famous author to come and talk to our pupils.


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