The Science Department at Queen Victoria School offers a rich and varied curriculum across the three disciplines of Biology, Chemistry and Physics.

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The Department is housed in four well equipped laboratories, a prep room and a chemical store.

The Science Department believes in providing pupils with a good general science background for life and preparing pupils for external exams carried out by the Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA). The courses give opportunity to impart numeracy, literacy, IT and group working skills for all pupils. This fits in with the objectives and outcomes of the Curriculum for Excellence.

The Science Department works closely with the Learning Support Department for pupil support and the Primary Department for project ‘Rich Topics’. Science subjects have the largest pupil uptake for non-compulsory subjects and very good exam results.

S1 and S2 have a general science course for four periods per week. Topics covered include Materials, Variety of Life, Magnetism and Electricity, Matter, Food and Digestion, Acids and Alkalis, Populations, Forces, Elements and Compounds, Energy, Chemical Reactions and Micro Organisms. In S2 the differences in the three Sciences are pointed out and pupils are given help in choosing their S2 Science subjects.

After choosing their Standard Grade subjects, pupils take an individual Science for five periods a week. If a grade 1 or 2 is obtained in both the KU and PS parts of the Standard Grade SQA exam, a pupil can take the individual Science Subject to Higher level. This is studied for seven periods a week. If the timetable allows Intermediate 2 courses can be offered. It should be noted that being practical subjects, the Sciences are capped at 20 pupils in each class.