The Social Studies Department at Queen Victoria School gives pupils a range of exciting learning opportunities in the three areas of: Modern Studies, Geography and History.

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Modern Studies
Modern Studies is taught by Jonathan Coates and Andy Thomson. Pupils start Modern Studies in S3, following a two-year Standard Grade course. Topics are divided into Syllabus Areas: Living in a Democracy, Changing Society, Ideologies; the USA, International Relations, Alliances and Aid.The Higher Grade course covers Political and Social Issues in the UK and International Issues (including Global Security and the USA). 

Visits outwith the School include the Scottish Parliament and a residential care home in Dunblane, Pupil Revision Conferences and other outings currently in the planning stage.

Taught by Anna Phillips, the Geography Department looks at a range of Physical and Human topics throughout all years of study. We do this by encouraging pupils to find out about new topics first hand, by organising a variety of field trips, including a residential trip to North Wales, a visit to a local Farm, settlement studies in Dunblane and a river investigation.

History is taught throughout the school by Andy Thomson, Principal Teacher. In S1 and S2 the topics range from Celts and Romans, Vikings, Medieval Knights to Jacobites, World War 2 and the Wild West. Standard Grade pupils study Changing Life in Britain and Scotland 1830s–1930s, International Co-operation and Conflict 1890s–1920s, and People in Power, Russia 1914–1941. At Higher Grade pupils study Option C: Later Modern History which includes Britain 1850s–1979, The Growth of Nationalism in Germany and Scotland and the Impact of The Great War 1914–1928. 

Pupils visit Vikingar! in Largs and the Culloden Visitor Centre. Future excursions are in the planning stage.

Curriculum for Excellence
The Social Studies Department is prepared and well resourced for the implementation of the Curriculum for Excellence.