The primary role of Pupil Support within Queen Victoria School is to support the individual needs of pupils in its care and to assist them in achieving their goals.

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  • Pupil Support image

All staff have a part to play in getting to know pupils and in providing opportunities for the acquisition of skills and knowledge necessary to equip young people for life.

Members of staff work with pupils and assist them in making important decisions and in resolving challenges or difficult situations.

At particular times pupils will require support in the form of reviews and monitoring of progress, learning and behaviour, and systems are in place to allow this to be managed.

Pupils may also need help with transitions between educational stages in order to adapt to the wider world beyond Queen Victoria School; or assistance with personal or family difficulties as they arise and career advice and pastoral care are available for this purpose.

Pupil Support acts as a funnel to channel the different aspects of the support network at Queen Victoria School and in so doing has an important role in ensuring that needs are being met and that individuals are ‘happy, safe and achieving potential’.