Be a Friend of QVS, join our 500 Club and reap the benefits! Not only could you win a cash prize every month but your money will enable us to support QVS pupils in ways that we could not otherwise afford. Read on for a unique and fun way to spend your extra pennies!

What do you spend each week on your Sunday newspaper? Or your afternoon treat in the local coffee shop? Extras that you probably don't need in your trolley at the supermarket? Added up over a month, almost certainly more than it would cost you to sign up and become a member of the QVS 500 Club. For only £5 per month, membership allows not only the School to benefit but also you! There are 4 winners every month, and the more members the higher the prize money. The prize money is 50% of the total monthly dues divided up. Winners are selected by a random draw and notified by letter with prize cheque enclosed.

With 100 members: the top prize is £100, 2nd is £70, 3rd is £50 & 4th is £30

BUT with 200 members, the top prize is a £200 and the 4th is £60

(You'd be able to buy a lot of treats for yourself with those prizes!)

The more people who sign up, the bigger the prizes.

Still not enough incentive for you to sign up and chance your luck? Consider this: your money would make a lasting, positive impact on the lives of QVS pupils. All charities have struggled recently given the financial climate and QVS is no exception.

Make a positive impact on the life of our School and potentially win back your investment instantly!

Already a member? Thank you for your committed support. Buy another number! Or pass this on to your friends or family and explain to them the impact it will have on the lives of our pupils. Or give the gift of one year's membership. Open to all. No previous connection to QVS necessary.   

Remember, the more members the more revenue for the School and the greater the prize money!

Please email margaret.symon@qvs.org.uk for a membership form. Thank you.