The Norman MacLeod MacNeil Trust was created to develop the qualities of leadership, self-confidence and self-esteem in Queen Victoria School pupils.

The Norman MacLeod MacNeil Trust was set up in 1994 by Jack Mainwaring MacNeil in memory of his father Norman MacLeod MacNeil (1898-1952) who joined Queen Victoria School as a boy drummer pupil in 1909.

Pupils who wish to advance their education, leadership and self-esteem, help broaden horizons and generally develop wider skills may apply to the Trust for grant assistance for a specific project.

It would be useful to note that the Trustees pay particular attention to the supporting details that are provided with applications as these significantly help the decision making process. The Trustees are also keen to ensure that any grants fit well within the overall purpose of the Fund.

The annual deadline for submission of applications is the close of the calendar year. It is also worth noting that if you have a particularly ambitious project in mind, it is worth starting to plan early and seek advice.

For additional information on the Norman MacLeod MacNeil Trust Fund or to discuss what projects might qualify for assistance, please contact Nigel Cunningham, School Finance & Business Manager on +44 (0) 131 310 2902 or Military 94745 2902 of by email:

An Application Form can be found in the link below:

Norman MacLeod MacNeil Trust Fund – Application Form.