Queen Victoria School is rightly known as “a Ministry of Defence School” and it is true that all the necessary costs of being a pupil at QVS are met by the Ministry of Defence, so why do we need to fundraise?

There are essentially three reasons. One is that the Ministry of Defence cannot reasonably be expected to support many of the activities, facilities and recreational opportunities that our parents would like their children to enjoy. Some of those, the parents can contribute to themselves – at least in part. Others however are beyond their means: as noted elsewhere on this website, we have a particular brief from the Ministry of Defence to look after those families who could not otherwise afford boarding education.

The second reason is that – especially in the present financial climate – even were it persuaded of the value of extra facilities for Queen Victoria School, the Ministry of Defence cannot afford to fund these, and there seems little prospect of its being able to do so in the foreseeable future. The School Theatre is a case in point, where immense value is being added to the lives of pupils in a large number of areas, because of the refurbishment which was enabled by the donations of a large number of individuals and organisations. The Ministry of Defence would not have financed such a development, and yet the pay-off – academically, socially, musically and in terms of our drama, as well as the enhanced meeting facilities now offered – has been remarkable.

And thirdly: there will always be families who cannot afford even the Parental Contribution. We encourage Service Charities to assist these families, but when that cannot be brought about we use the School’s own Trust Funds – of which the Development Office is part – to meet those costs and enable the child to stay at, and get the most out of, Queen Victoria School.