Welcome to Cunningham House with its ‘Penthouse’ location and views over the surrounding countryside and Trossach Mountains.

The House is home to 55 boys from S1 to S6, who come from families of all three services. The boys are housed in double and single rooms, which feature all the ‘mod cons’ of living. The House also has a number of communal areas/common rooms which have Sky televisions and the latest Wii and Xbox consoles. The recent addition is the Galley Kitchen where the boys learn valuable lifeskills of cooking and entertaining.

The House is named after the most famous British admiral during the Second World War Andrew B Cunningham, or ABC as he was known in the Navy, who had a superb fighting record in the early war years and served as First Sea Lord between 1943-1946.

We have a simple philosophy that what produces a thriving House are the raw materials that make up the whole and this is the boys. Buying into the House Ethos and the challenges of living in the community requires the boys to use their talents, expertise and skills which are shared so that we can grow stronger together, face future challenges and prosper.

Finally....the unofficial motto of Cunningham is ‘Self discipline is the only discipline’.

For any further information please do not hesitate to contact Mr Mike Eastham, Housemaster email: Cunningham.office@qvs.org.uk

Cunningham Chronicles