The philosophy for Wavell House is: “If high standards are set and you expect great things, then pupils learn to strive for their best”.

Wavell is home to more than 80 teenage girls from S1 to S6. The aim of the staff of Wavell House is to offer a high standard of care by providing an environment that is secure, stable and relaxed.

In Wavell House we emphasise to the residents the importance for everyone living in a communal boarding house to have:

  • Respect for themselves;

  • Respect for others in the boarding house, namely other pupils and members of staff;

  • Respect for the school;

  • Respect for those outside of the school community, specifically family and friends.

Wavell House has a mixture of accommodation from rooms with four bunks to double and single rooms. Girls are encouraged to personalise their room and also to keep it tidy. The House has a junior common room which has a small kitchen area and a senior common room with a separate kitchen. Both common rooms have a mixture of very loud entertainment systems. The girls make good use of all the communal areas of the Boarding House with a variety of music always to be heard on every floor.

If you would like any further information please contact: Ms Rebecca Appleyard, Housemistress, Wavell House. Telephone/Fax: +44 (0) 131 310 2925 or Military 94745 2925, email: