The Combined Cadet Force (CCF) at Queen Victoria School is a lively organisation made up of the three service sections: Royal Navy, Army and Royal Air Force.

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The cadets find experiences and opportunities which develop responsibility, resourcefulness, self-reliance, endurance, confidence and leadership – all of which better prepare them for later life.

Pupils join the CCF in second year for a two year compulsory period, after which they can optionally remain in the CCF until they leave school.

In their first year in the CCF, cadets receive joint training with equal periods in all three sections, giving them an insight into and flavour of each service section. In their second year cadets choose which section they would like to join. Thereafter cadets can remain in their chosen section until they leave school; they also have the option of applying to change section each year.

The CCF provides a fantastic and wide spectrum of activities. Apart from the National Training Courses that are optional for Cadets there are also supplementary activities such as Field Days, Duke of Edinburgh Award Expeditions, shooting, sailing, cycling, Ski Camp and Summer Military Camp.

Instruction and supervision of cadets is undertaken by our own well qualified school staff and supplemented by service personnel from the three services. Weekly training takes place on Wednesday afternoons. Additional training takes place during some weekends and over holiday periods.

Whatever activity you enjoy or would like to try, you will get the opportunity in the Queen Victorial School Combined Cadet Force.

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Cdr Tom Shannon RD RNR CCF
Contingent Commander