Queen Victoria School offers pupils the opportunity to participate in the rewarding and highly acclaimed Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme.

  • Duke of Edinburgh Award image
  • Duke of Edinburgh Award image

The Scheme has three levels of award: Bronze, Silver and Gold. Pupils starting at the Bronze level must be 14 or over, so generally begin in S3. Each level of the award has four sections to be completed:

1 Volunteering – to encourage service to individuals and the community.
2 Physical Recreation – to encourage participation and improvement in physical activity.
3 Skill – to encourage the discovery and development of personal interests and social and practical skills.
4 Expeditions – to encourage a spirit of adventure and discovery.

At the Bronze level the participant should make a regular commitment averaging a minimum of one hour each week - in their free time. This should be completed for each of the four sections above for a period of three months and an additional three months of the service or skill or sport section.

This is a large undertaking but there is no time limit; a pupil could complete the award in one year or spend several years completing the Bronze Award. After achieving the Bronze Award there is the Silver Award and successful achievement of the Silver Award means the participant can start working towards the Gold Award.

The rewards of participating in the Duke of Edinburgh Award are enormous: pupils develop self-confidence, self-reliance, citizenship, responsibility and many more life skills. No matter which level a pupil achieves, their sense of achievement and satisfaction will always be with them and their award will be invaluable for their CV.

For more information on the Duke of Edinburgh Award log on to: www.dofe.org.uk

Tom Shannon (Award Co-ordinator).
Principal Teacher Outdoor Pursuits.